Monday, June 14, 2010

Daffodil on Lime

This is another card I made using the Daffodil stamp from Daffodils & Anise from Mark's Finest Paper. I love daffodils, and this one is so easy to color with prismas. Later in the week you'll send one of the cards I made with the anise stamp, however, that may be the only card that you will ever see with the anise stamp because I HAVE LOST THE STAMP SOMEWHERE IN MY STAMP ROOM!!!!! I have torn the room apart trying to find it, and I cannot locate it anywhere. I am a little frustrated (can you tell? LOL)

Stamps: Daffodils and Anise from MFP
Paper: Snow Storm & Lime Squeeze from MFP, Barely Banana from SU
Ink: Basic Grey, Color Box fluid chalks (direct to paper on the Lime Squeeze)
Misc: Ribbon, prismas, baby oil, blending stump, charm from MFP

I love using charms on my cards lately. (Maybe you've noticed). Faith over at Mark's Finest Paper has a great selection and wonderful prices. Be sure to go over and check out the entire site!

Happy Stamping!
Patty & Winnie


Selma said...

What a pretty card. I really like your yellow background. Your coloring is beautiful and yes, I do like your little charms. I will have to check them out.

Justine said...

This is beautiful. Love the color combo and fabulous image

Anonymous said...

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Carol said...

You know you can delete that wonky post above mine. My pet peeve!!!! lol Love your daffodil card. Loving all these charms too. They add such a nice little touch to the card. Great embossing. I lost my Rangers Peeled Paint Distress Ink-even had my DH looking for it. It was under my lazy susan. It got pushed under I can relate!!