Friday, July 31, 2009

Post-It Note Covers

I found the directions for this over on Angie Juda's site here Scroll about half way down & you'll see the link for her video. I just think these ar adorable.
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but DH & I decided we wanted to buy a house so we have been out house hunting!!!! We found one and put a bid in for it at 10 PM last night!!!! UGH. We won't know until tomorrow afternoon if we got it or not, but it is beautiful. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!
Happy Stamping
Patty & Winnie

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Carol said...

Patty, thank you for the tutorial on this. This is really a wonderful gift to give someone. It would be nice to make a few of these and keep them in my car when I want to just surprise someone when they did something nice for me. It happens once and a while!!! lol Great job!